Saturday, September 5, 2015

Classic Rock

Went with friends to Baltimore Wednesday night for some classic rock: Gregg Allman followed by the Doobie Brothers.

Hard-driving 70s rock n roll to the max!  I'm hoarse from singing and my hands hurt from clapping.  

I did clap to the best of my abilities, and "hurt" is relative and comes easily to me...ever since my snowblower accident a year and a half ago where I lost the last joint of my right ring finger, I clap like a sissy.  Much like you would imagine Queen Elizabeth would clap.  But my heart was certainly in it!

We are so fortunate that we have some friends with whom to re-experience rock n roll from 40+ years ago.

[image credit Gary, of Gregg Allman at Pier Six in Baltimore]

More rock n roll stuff coming tomorrow, as part of Cats in Art...stay tuned!

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