Friday, November 20, 2015

It Has Now Been Done

Image credit Gary

Yes, we all now have another reason to go on living: "they" have built a better mousetrap. This killing machine is the Victor Quick-Kill.

After having mice raiding our cold cellar crawl space and hitting our sweet potatoes, I set some traps I already had on hand. Unfortunately, the critters were  smarter than the existing traps, stealing bait with impunity.

So I spent about $5 for a pair of these babies, with swift and lethal results.

The main improvement is that the trigger is preset, with no variability. When the little rodent presses his nose into the opening of the covered bait compartment (I used peanut butter), the lid lifts juuuust a tiny bit, the trigger is tripped, and WHAM!  The mouse is toast and heads to to gigantic cheese wheel in the sky.

This literally IS a better mousetrap.

By the way, we have 3 indoor cats. Those kitties are absolutely worthless as predators. So much for the supposed ancestral feline-human symbiotic partnership and co-evolution. They've dropped the ball, big time, in ridding our house of rodents.

One more lapse and they're gone. GONE, I tell you!

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