Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Newsspeak

Image credit Clipart, here.

I've previously posted a couple of times (here and here) about how our news readers (as they would say in the UK) talk.

I am forced to again pick up my figurative blogging pen.  All the bad news from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia causes me to make an observation about the reporting, without even dealing with the awful content.

For example, when did the a's change to o's, making the country of Pakistan change from "Pack-i-stan" to "Pock-i-ston"?

And when did the religion Muslim change from "Muzz-lim" to "Moose-lim"?

And a 14 year old peeve: don't even get me started on the whole notion of Qatar, whether it be "Cutter," "Gutter," or "Kah-tarr."  Good thing that unfortunate state is not currently in the news, after its 15 minutes of fame during the George W. Bush adventures in the Middle East.

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