Saturday, January 16, 2010

Come Ultra Training?

Mister Tristan got a souped-up looking tractor for Christmas, made in China, the tell being the label on the battery cover that says "Remove to access muet [sic] switch." It's approx 10" high and 12" long, has buttons on top that make it go in forward or reverse, and it plays tractor noises and music.

One of the tunes is the Chicken Dance--it's a barnyard theme, I guess--and I remarked to my daughter-in-law that I had gone 57 years and never danced the Chicken Dance. This despite numerous opportunities to do so at weddings, etc.

She said, "You're kidding. You've never done the Chicken Dance? It's fun!"

I replied, "God willing, I fully expect to pass the rest of my natural life and keep my record intact. That dance is an abomination."

I'm not anti-dancing in general, it's just not a priority with me, and I draw the line at any type of mass hysteria dances, such as this one or the Electric Slide. I have in fact taken dancing lessons (disco back in the 70s and ballroom dancing more recently), because my wife loves to dance and we do enjoy dancing together when we get a chance.

Once we were out somewhere where a lively band was playing, and at practically the first notes she was bouncing in her seat, itching to get up and dance, and said, "How can you just sit there???  Doesn't the music make you move?"

I replied--because I always need a couple tunes to get in the mood before going onto the floor--"I'm dancing right here in my head."

All that said, dancing does add to our lives. I do agree with William James (1842-1910) when he said, "Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing." 

One certainly can't argue against common sense or a sense of humor, and if dancing provides a bridge between the two, then I'm there.  Time to dance, I'll be good ultra training.  Cue up the Kinks:

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