Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is the Day of the Flashlight Over?

Well, my headlamp arrived--the Petzl MYO XP LED Headlamp. I never though of myself as a "headlamp guy," preferring the solid feel of a flashlight in my hand.  However, things change, and with Umstead looming on 27 March--if I rise high enough on the wait list and actually gain entry to the race--I decided to give headlamping a whirl to see if I liked it (wasn't that cool how I just managed to coin an entirely new word?).

I've tried it around the house (well, my windowless basement) and the device is BRIGHT.  And user comments on (I think) the REI web site mentioned the fact that it's so bright and long-lived that folks also use it for biking and caving, besides trail running.

I hope to get out on Monday when I'm off for the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday on Monday and test drive it.  That would involve getting up at o-dark-thirty so as to run at least 2 hours in the dark.  The run will kill 2 birds with 1 stone: testing the headlamp in actual use, and getting in a very necessary 30 mile training run without any impact on the family.  I am hoping that the C&O Canal towpath (of JFK 50 miler fame) is snow-free by then from the remnants of the 24" snowfall back on 19 Dec and another 4" a week later.

As I posted to the UltraList, I got the headlamp on eBay, where I found new ones under Buy-It-Now for $69 with free shipping.  I offered the guy $60 and we split the difference for a final price of $65 delivered.

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