Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gas Masks for Children

Note: link fixed 18 Jan--Gary

What have we done to our planet that such a thing seems normal and rational, the right thing to do?  Truth be told, the gas masks are but a band-aid over the underlying problem of resorting to violence as a means of problem-solving.  "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent."
Gas masks for children:  There’s good news for the children of Israel. Every one of them will soon be getting candy, for free, from their government. Are the Israelis returning to the socialist spirit of their founding fathers? Not quite.

“Candy” is the name of a new kind of gas mask, designed especially for children. “We are the only country in the world that produces gas masks for children,” the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) website boasts. The masks even come with “a connecter to a pacifier and a bottle, especially appropriate for infants.”

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