Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cats in Art: Laughing Children with a Cat

Continuing my Sunday tradition of Cats in Art.

Photo credit here, “Laughing Children with a Cat”

This is a vey interesting painting.  It is early (1600s) and was done by a woman, Judith Leyster.

From Britannica online

Judith Leyster, (baptized July 28, 1609, Haarlem, Neth.—buried Feb. 10, 1660, Heemstede, near Amsterdam), Dutch painter, one of the few female artists of the era to have emerged from obscurity. Among her known works are portraits, genre paintings, and still lifes.

Leyster was the daughter of a brewer. She began to paint while still quite young, and by age 24 she had become a member of the Haarlem painters’ guild. Her subject matter embraced a greater range than was typical of Dutch painters of the era, and she was one of the first to exploit the domestic genre scene.

I love the expression on the cat's face.  It clearly is not having nearly as much fun as the kids are.


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