Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Profiling HURT"

I reviewed the Barry Walton production, "Profiling HURT" on 21 Oct here.  My bottom line: two big thumbs up--a well done production, a must-own for anyone who is contemplating doing HURT or who otherwise has an interest in the race.

At the time I did not have ordering information for anyone who wished to order a copy.  The site to purchase a copy is here (http://www.profilinghurt.com/). Then click on the link to DVDs.

The disclaimer: Nothing in it for me.  I was asked by Barry to review this 34-minute video (it also has lots of extras and bonus features) of the HURT (Hawaiian Ultra Running Team) 100 Mile race in Honolulu, HI (URL here). He provided me a review copy, owing to the fact that I have this blog. I have not received any consideration, financial or otherwise, for reviewing this documentary, and my comments are strictly my own opinion.

That said...I would love to run this race.  Here are a couple more shots to tantalize you (all image credits Barry Walton):

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