Friday, October 29, 2010

Shakespeare...and Ultrarunning

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From the site that I use as my homepage, REFDESK, on 7 Oct 2010, comes this nugget about William Shakespeare:

Countless excellent phrases, now commonly used, occur first in Shakespeare, including one fell swoop, vanish into thin air, play fast and loose, be in a pickle, foul play, tower of strength, flesh and blood, be cruel to be kind, and with bated breath. - Provided by

So, I thought, why not do a search and see what the Bard had to say about running?  I came up with 2 cool passages (from OpenSourceShakespeare, here).

From Henry VIII, the Duke of Norfolk warns:
Be advised;
Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot
That it do singe yourself: we may outrun,
By violent swiftness, that which we run at,
And lose by over-running.

Or better yet, from King Lear, where the king says:

Then there's life in't.  Nay, an you get it,
you shall get it by running.

Pretty smart guy, huh?  Gotta watch that over-running....


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