Saturday, January 29, 2011

State of the Dream

This sorta goes along with my post from Wednesday:

(from Black Agenda Report, here)

Author Glen Ford, like me, also expected more, and is disenchanted with the president:

The Right’s amazing advances in recent years have been made possible by the wholesale capture by Wall Street of much of the Democratic Party, most dramatically in the person of Barack Obama, whose Black presence has neutralized African Americans as an effective political force, including most of what used to pass as the Black Left. The enemy advances without effective opposition all along the unguarded flanks and rear of progressive politics, dressed in Democratic clothing and with a brown complexion, while organizations like United for a Fair Economy instruct us to keep our eyeballs focused solely on the Republican bogeymen. It is the equivalent of wearing blinders in a battle, a guarantee of defeat.

I am exceedingly sad to conclude that the annual “State of the Dream” report, designed to arm us for struggle, is a fatally flawed weapon in the face of the Obama Phenomenon.


  1. I may not be coming back to your posts. I won't articulate the progress Obama has made in 2 years, you should know them well. I am so tired of people "disenchanted" with Obama. And now a white guy is posting how Obama disappoints MLK? My friend, you need to nouveau up and get with it. You're no better than the Mayberry wishing Fox watchers, wishing for the something that ain't there, never was. And thinking black political forces had any juice before Obama? They had to have had it before he could have wasted it. Come on man. Think up, get with it. It's 2011, thats 21st Century man. Its the future, quit dithering on what you think was the fight. Rspectfully, bye

  2. Rather than post a long comment here, please see a more thoughtful post I will put up on Friday, "If I Were King of the Railroad."

    And I should give credit where it's due--Obama has been a successful president. I'd just like to see more...a lot more. Namely, a dream to address the issues of 2011 along the lines of the vision of Dr. King.

  3. Melanin, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with one's capacity to express one's view of reality. I've got plenty of melanin. And you have to know the $750 million Obama took in campaign cash from corporate America defines who he works for. It's Wall Street and Corporate America, not we the people.

    Obama has been an absolute disaster. Everyone knows this. Obama has betrayed virtually every campaign promise he made to his voters.

    The Democratic Party i