Friday, June 17, 2011

Drinking Spring Water

Mister Tristan (the human being, not the blog) and I went for a short hike the other day.  I decided to take him to the Appalachian Trail and then the Mainline Hobby Supply model train shop in nearby Blue Ridge Summit, PA.

It was a day tailor-made for boys, young and old.  The main purpose of the short hike was to take him to Bailey Spring along the AT where he could drink spring water from an actual spring for the first time and savor its cold sweetness.  Mister Tristan loved it—the notion of drinking water where it comes out of the ground was absolutely fascinating for him.

This hike was deliberately short, about a mile, max.  And of course, the model train shop afterwards was the icing on the cake.  They have a small layout with O, HO and N gauge trains where kids can work some of the controls while the bigger “boys” talk.

I hope I’m doing it right.  I think so.


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