Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have Gun Will Travel

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While I was recuperating from arm surgery, I watched High Noon (Gary Cooper) and Hombre (Paul Newman, Richard Boone) via Netflix. 

A friend and I had had a discussion about Richard Boone, and I had to agree that he was quite right--Richard Boone was a bad dude in Hombre, not the dark antihero of the TV series Have Gun Will Travel.

I commented to the bride while in the midst of my Have Gun Will Travel marathon that although Paladin (Richard Boone) was dressed all in black etc., the show was anything but black and white.  It was decidedly gray, with all kinds of moral ambiguities and situational ethics.  It's about, I guess, a gunfighter with principles.

As a kid in the 50s I was smart enough to realize that this show was somehow different, unusual.  It took 40 years for me to finally see it on DVD and syndication and confirm my opinion as a child.

Love me some Have Gun Will Travel! You should check it out on DVD or Encore Westerns on cable.


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