Monday, June 13, 2011 Blogging and to Running

Well, I’m back to being able to blog a bit.  My keyboard abilities are limited so this’ll be shorter than normal for a bit longer.

I had a bad case of tennis elbow that no longer responded to Cortisone or physical therapy.  The surgical fix by the ortho doc was to detach the tendon that terminates the main forearm muscle at the elbow, remove the deteriorated end, and reattach it slightly closer to my wrist.

The incision is all healed up but the motion of typing is still a bit painful.

Yesterday brought another bonus—a nice leisurely Sunday morning run.  I wore an arm brace just in case I might fall so I would not be able to bend back my hand.  But no falls, just an easy run.  Laid some wildflowers in a couple of cemeteries I passed and otherwise just enjoyed the morning, happy to be back to running and now to blogging. 


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