Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Loss of a Bandana

Turns out I do have a running post after all.

In my run the other day I lost my favorite bandana, one from the famous flea market in Hawaii at the stadium.  It was a simple gray floral Hawaiian print but I loved it.  I think bandanas are indispensible ultra equipage, to mop your brow or clean your glasses or bind up a cut or scrape.  Yet I really don’t see all that many folks carrying one on the trails.

My particular “carry” is no doubt responsible for the loss.  I keep the bandana tucked maybe 1/3 of its length into my waistband on my right side.  I frequently check for it, much as most men check reflexively for their wallet.

Well, I must not have had it tucked deeply enough and the next time I checked, it was gone.  As I was on a schedule I was unable to backtrack to search.  The next day, when I happened to drive that route, I looked in vain for it.

What is ironic in a way is that my next previous favorite bandana, also one from a different trip to Hawaii (see, working as a civilian employee of DOD does have some good benefits!), met with a similar fate along the Appalachian Trail.  But in that case I always assumed and hoped that some grateful backpacker would find that bandana and look upon it as a gift from a Trail Angel.


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