Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cause and Effect = Hard, I Guess

As usual, the Earth-Bound Misfit gets it right on our obligations to those who served in America’s armed forces.  She is commenting upon reports that the White House is sending out feelers about possible budget-balancing cuts to military retiree benefits (profanity left in for emphasis):

If we, as a nation, are unwilling to shoulder the financial burden of caring for our military retirees and veterans, then this is what we should do: Stop making so many veterans by getting into wars. When the shooting starts, there are going to be maimed veterans who will need care for the next eighty years. If that cost is unacceptable to the politicians, then stop sending men and women off to fight. No fighting, no combat veterans to care for-- that should be a simple enough equation for even most politicians to grasp.
If we don't want to pay for so many military retirees, then cut the size of the armed forces and cut back on the global presence that we have had since the end of the Second World War. If, on the other hand, you want to have that global presence, then suck it up and realize that when someone on active duty completes a twenty-year career and retires, you're going to be paying him or her retirement benefits for possibly another sixty years. Shut the fuck up and pay for it.

Simple cause and effect seems to be a difficult concept for The Very Serious People in DC to grasp. 


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