Friday, September 23, 2011

Sharing an Irony

If my memory serves me well, according to Kurt Vonnegut (and I think it was in Cat's Cradle, currently awaiting a re-read in my Kindle), it is impossible to share an irony.

An irony is a personal "aha moment" that a person either gets or not, and cannot be successfully explained to someone who did not get it initially.

Thus I offer emptywheel's post in its entirety from last week, and trust that you will get it, for I cannot explain it to you.  It can't be done.  The graphic is a slide from an FBI PowerPoint training session.

Spencer has a must read story on the FBI’s recent training program for counter-terrorism agents on Islam.

I’m going to have a few points to make about it. But for the moment I wanted to (in addition to recommending you go read the whole thing) draw attention to this slide on Islamic law, explaining some of the reasons why it purportedly leads to militancy.

The problem, you see, is Mohammad “ordered the assassinations” of critics and “employed torture to extract information.”

I can imagine how such things would corrupt the people who practice such things.

Gary says, "Indeed."



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