Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toy Trains...and Ultrarunning

Via Boing Boing, we see that Walt Disney liked toy trains.  Oh, and it seems that Salvador Dali did also.

I love me my O-gauge tintype Marx sets from pre-war thru the 1950s--and so does Mister Tristan (the 3 year old human being, not the blog).  See here and here for previous posts with photos of some of my collection.

Anyway, I'm getting interested in what are called "garden trains," where you have a larger gauge set-up outdoors, running thru your landscaping.  I'm just at the reading-about-it stage.  If I proceed, my scale would not be as large as Walt's above, but I can see this being a lot of fun.

The connection to Ultrarunning is that I would try to model some of my favorite trail running sites.  For example, the Annapolis Rocks site along the Appalachian Trail in MD.  Also Chimney Rocks along the AT near my home here in PA.


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  1. Judging by the upward tilt on that locomotive's cab, Walt was looking at a live-steam locomotive. Which is a real hard-core toy, for it took serious machining skills to make one.