Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Won't Come Back From Dead Man's Curve

My older brother is a smart *ss (and I love him dearly!).  He can find humor in tragedy, not because he is callous, but because his mind examines the entire spectrum of all possible reactions to a situation.  Then, unlike most of us, he is willing to give expression to those dark thoughts that everybody thinks but nobody says out loud.

He recently sent the bride a newspaper clipping about a man in California who drove off a road and into a ravine, in late September.  This was a national news story covered by the AP.  The man survived a week until his kids found him alive. 

Coincidentally, his car landed beside another car that had gone off the same curve 10 days earlier...only that car's occupant was dead.

My brother's reaction:

With respect to the refrain of the 1964 Jan and Dean song, Dead Man's Curve, that you "won't come back from Dead Man's Curve," they were only partially correct.  Apparently, your chances of coming back from Dead Man's Curve are 50%, that is, if you have a persistent family.

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  1. Since winning your contest I come here a lot more often. When I do you keep sending me back to when I was 12. My sister had all the J&D records and I wore them out. The street behind my grandma's in Cincinnati dead ended overlooking the Cincinnati Gardens (Grafton Ave). I was just a month into my 12th year as we stood there watching the Beatles come to perform. The world changed that year; I think it's changing again. I feel like I'm standing between the tracks with the locomotive bearing down paralyzed not knowing which way to jump.