Friday, March 2, 2012

C&O Canal Celebration Run

[Photos by Gary.]

Well, the run along the C&O Canal to celebrate retirement could not have gone any better--in a word, it was awesome.

One of ostensible purposes of the run was to check out the lock keeper's house at the Four Locks area near Milepost 109.  I was looking for a pair of purloined Mason-Dixon Line mile markers that supposedly were used in the house as door thresholds or steps.

The basement door on the east side of the house was the supposed location.  Although the stone threshold was about 3' long, all I could see on the outside of the bottom of the door was a 1'-2" strip (see photo above)--not nearly enough to determine whether this piece of stone was one of the original Mason-Dixon Line markers.

Turns out that lockhouse is available for rental, so I guess that's the next step. 

Oh, and this is why I carry my bee sting allergy Anakit, even in the winter.  This guy was on the stone threshold in question.  Never know when a stinging critter may awaken.

I took a ton of photos during this run.  Look for more C&O Canal goodness over the next few days.

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