Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Republican Trifecta

Haven't been political in few days, so here's a pretty succinct quote from Bob Burnett at The Smirking Chimp that resonated strongly with me:

Rather than move forward, Republicans want America to return to the fifties. They've resurrected Cold War themes: plutocracy, patriarchy and militarism. Plutocracy: Today's GOP wants America to be run by the 1 percent. Patriarchy: Republicans regard American women as second-class citizens, who should have no access to birth control. Militarism: GOP presidential candidates want a gargantuan military and believe the United States should prepare to "drop the big one" on Iran.

Burnett pretty much nails it in my book.  Any one of these three is a deal-breaker for me, but when the mainstream Republican position consists of all three, my mind is utterly boggled. 

Again I must ask: have they no children?  No grandchildren?


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