Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things Ultrarunners Don't Do

Via CBS News:

New Orleans Saints players and at least one assistant coach maintained a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the last three seasons to reward game-ending injuries inflicted on opposing players, including Brett Favre and Kurt Warner, the NFL said Friday. "Knockouts" were worth $1,500 and "cart-offs" $1,000, with payments doubled or tripled for the playoffs.  The NFL said the pool amounts reached their height in 2009, the year the Saints won the Super Bowl.

The league said between 22 and 27 defensive players were involved in the program and that it was administered by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, with the knowledge of coach Sean Payton.   

A long suspension or ban for Williams and head coach Payton would be appropriate, as a minimum.  Also seems to me like the Saints ought to forfeit their Lombardi trophy, not just for being evil but also for being stupid.

The article goes on to say that defensive coordinator Williams apologized for his role, saying:

"It was a terrible mistake, and we knew it was wrong while we were doing it."

We have that little small voice of conscience inside us, and the world would be a lot better if we heeded it.


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