Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pelicans, Dolphins...and Ultrarunning

[image credit here]

[image credit here]

Another post about vacationing along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this one to do with critters.

The Brown Pelican is ubiquitous there, flying in majestic lines low over the waves...until fish are spotted and a pelican pulls up sharply to gain altitude, then plunges straight into the water with a big splash.  I never tire of seeing that happen.

And the dolphins.  I must confess that I cannot tell whether our friendly North Carolina guys are Humpback or Bottlenose...doesn't matter.  All I know is that when I see dolphins crusing lesiurely up the beach, I can rest easy that we have safely passed another year.

This year we had a treat in the waters off Ocracoke Island--three dolphins surfed a wave heading directly towards the shore, out about 50 meters or so.  Didn't look like they were fishing, just playing and being happy they were dolphins.

The link to Ultrarunning?  These critters are just doing critter things; focused on surviving, to be sure, but also seemingly just loving life.  I know that when I'm out running I feel the same way, just cruising along, being what the late Dr. George Sheehan would have called "a good animal."


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