Thursday, August 9, 2012

White Bison Born on Connecticut Farm...and Ultrarunning

[image credit 88.9, KETR, here]

Another offbeat item (see yesterday's post), courtesy of my northern CA brother.

This one is good news, a feel-good story.  Plus, I defy anyone to NOT smile at a photo of a baby, regardless of species.  In fact, some evolutionary biologists refer to the "cuteness factor" as being important for species survival...but that's a for another day.

The Associated Press recently announced the birth of a white bison on a farm in Goshen, Connecticut. Native Americans were thrilled by this rare occurrence, because many tribes honor the white bison as a symbol for hope and unity. However, what caught my attention was the down-to-earth, "gee whiz," enthusiasm of the fourth-generation farmer, Peter Fay.
Faye is reported to have said: "They say it's going to bring good things to all people in the world. How can you beat that? That's the way I look at it."
"Good things to all people." Fay is right. How can you beat that!!?? With economic woes everywhere, fighting and death in Syria, and the massacre at the theater in Colorado, we could use a little optimism and good news.

The connection to Ultrarunning?  Tenuous at best, but one of my favorite local runs is along Zarger Road, where the buffalo indeed do roam.


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