Thursday, January 24, 2013

Armor-Piercing Bullets...and Ultrarunning

Via Dependable Renegade and The Raw Story, we find the following opinion from a man who aspired and still aspires to be your President:

World Net Daily columnist and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Sunday insisted that Americans were entitled to armor-piercing bullets because they are “a right in our country.”

The Pennsylvania Republican told an ABC News panel that conservatives “should stick to our guns” and oppose President Barack Obama’s efforts to curb gun violence in the wake of the slaughter of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.

“Armor-piercing bullets, why do you need that?” Granholm [the host] interrupted.

“Why do you need to protect Hollywood?” Santorum shot back.

“You’re deflecting,” Granholm observed. “Deer don’t wear armor. Why do you need an armor-piercing bullet?”

“But criminals could,” Santorum quipped.

“And police officers certainly do,” Granholm noted.

“Having the ability to defend yourself is something that is a right in our country,” Santorum asserted.

I understand "sporting weapons" for hunting.  I  grew up in a hunting culture at home (it didn't stick with me).  But I just don't understand the rest of the gun fetish.

And the connection to Ultrarunning?  Many hunters use the same trails we do for our respective endeavors; whenever I can, I give them the widest berth possible.  Chances are, they're a law-abiding hunter...after all, I've never heard of an Ultrarunner getting whacked in the backcountry by a hunter.

But increasingly, especially the last few weeks since the Newtown massacre, I am realizing there is a strong undercurrent of gun crazy--like that above by Santorum--that makes me uneasy.


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