Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Colors of Cat Noses...and Ultrarunning

This post kinda fits in with my weekly Sunday regular posts called Cats in Art.  Rather than make you wade through several pictures of my cats, I'll just put the Ultrarunning connection up front and encourage you to scope out my cats further on.

This is a photo of a bobcat, the color of whose nose can best be described as "plum" (at least that's how it appears to me).  I've never seen one here in PA, where they are endemic, but had to fly clean across the continent to have the great fortune of encountering one on a trail run in the hills above Monterrey, CA.

[Image credit DreamsTime]

Now on to the domestic front, where we currently "own" 4 cats, all of whom are distinctly different in size, color, and disposition.

In parallel with their coat color variations, all their noses are different colors as well: pink, gray, black, and a brown/pink combo on the calico. So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I present my gallery of cat noses (all photos by Gary):

Pink-nosed Tizzy
Gray-nosed Amanda
Black-nosed Ca Beere (AKA the Dutch diamond magnate)

Brown/pink-nosed Molly


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