Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Local Hooftie News...and Ultrarunning

Heres' yet another example from my local paper, of the local crazies.  This scanned from the Chambersburg Public Opinion on 8 Jan 2013:

Well, if Celia has never been to jail, well, 2013 will indeed be different.

Oh, and the editing geek in me dictates that I quibble about the exact phrasing.  Perhaps the paper simply prints police reports verbatim with no editing, but it kinda makes me wonder whether Celia may have meant that whatever change she imagined, it was going to happen specifically at 1:09 am on 31 Dec.

Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning? There seemingly are a lot of hillbillies around here, and sometimes I do think about encountering some of them on the trail. The good news is that such "hoofties," as a friend calls them, only go into the woods to party and then only close by a trailhead.


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