Friday, October 4, 2013

More Worst Person in the World...and Ultrarunning

As seen on the NBC Nightly News on 3 Oct, Representative Randy Neugebaum (R, Texas), after having voted with his party to shut down the then rude and argumentative with a National Park Service ranger who is enforcing a closure in the DC area.

[Video credit YouTube, here, if the embedded does not play]

The arrogance, the hypocrisy, the unapologetic nature of this joker's attitude simply defy belief.

As I continually say, I gotta get out more on the trails and clear my head.  The bride and I were up on the Appalachian Trail yesterday with some friends to scope out Bailey Spring a couple miles inside the PA border (it is barely running due to no rain to speak of for the past 6 weeks).

I am not certain whether the AT is an outright Federal corridor or some type of public-private joint ownership deal, but there was no evidence of closure.  Though as a practical matter, it'd be absolutely unenforceable.


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