Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Golf Ball...and Ultrarunning

[Image credit Gary]

I'm running out of titles for this series of posts.

Yet another golf ball found while running over the weekend. This one was embedded in a roadside embankment at right angles to the road, so it is unlikely to have so landed after having been, say, thrown from a moving vehicle.  For those of you following this theme, my last previous post on the found golf ball phenomenon is here, just a few short weeks ago.
As usual, no habitation nearby, no golf courses...just another mysterious golf ball.
For the photo I strategically placed the golf ball on my 2010 Umstead race hat, just because I felt like a heroic figure today.
The link to Ultrarunning, of course, is this: when these disguised alien eggs hatch, that unknown apocalypse will begin, and you will have wished that you had run more.

NOTE: this is one of my short and complete posts; Blogger software is still not playing well with working in draft mode.

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