Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cats in Art: The White Cat (Marc)

From my continuing weekly Sunday series of cats in art. I'm using some ideas from the coffee table book, The Cat in Art, by Stefano Zuffi.

This is my eleventh post on Franz Marc (1880-1916), a key German painter whose life tragically ended early on the Western Front in 1916. Maybe he even knew my great-grandfather. This will be a multi-week series (I am still uncovering his cat works).

Image credit The Atheneum, here. The White Cat (also known as Tom Cat on Yellow Pillow), Franz Marc, 1912, oil on cardboard, 19" x  24", held by Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg (Germany).

After last week's enigmatic painting, full of layers of hidden images, this one is simple and straightforward: a kitty relaxing on a pillow.  What could be more natural than that?

This is quintessential Marc: bold colors (white, yellow, red); very natural and lifelike cat pose; and evoking the emotions of contentment and total relaxation.

Plus it looks like the bride and I are not the only cat owners to overfeed their cat babies.

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