Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Me and My Bee Kit...and Ultrarunning

[updated to include image, which failed the first time]
[updated to include image, which failed the first time]

[image credit Gary]

I did make it out for a short run today amidst the new 5" of snow that landed here in south-central PA overnight.

I had been getting in the rototiller frame of mind, anxious to begin gardening as soon as the soil dries out a bit...but alas, it seemingly is still snowblower season.  At any rate, I was able to clear a couple of blockages of the snowblower chute without severing any more fingers, so I guess that's progress.

Anyway...back to the photo: first off, I didn't get stung.  At least not today.  I've been allergic to bee stings for a couple decades now, a condition that only manifested itself in adulthood.  But the point of the photo is that even in the dead of winter--when no self-respecting bee would be caught dead outside the hive--I keep the habit of carrying my bee kit, formally known as an EpiPen.

When I get stung it delivers a pre-measured dose of Epinephrine to prevent the closure of my airways.

So, it's easier for me to simply carry it EVERYWHERE, including when I run, rather than try to judge when it might be warm enough for bees.  Amazingly, I have yet to use it on the trail, although there have been some close calls.

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