Monday, June 9, 2014

Claire Danes Running, and Sexism

A link to a cool pictorial article here at the blog Buzzfeed, originally from the feminist blog called Vagenda, which dismantles 13 media headlines/captions that demean women....and offers an improved version of the offending headline.

Caution.  If drinking coffee, you are likely to blow it out your nose.

I like all the items--well, not actually like, but rather, am amused while at the same time being infuriated.  It was #13 particularly tickled me, as a fan of Claire Danes in the TV show Homeland.  The Vagenda comment:
Is she ‘displaying her fit figure’, or is she just running?

[image credit Buzzfeed]

If the image and captions are a bit to too small to see, the original stupid caption on the left says:

Catch Carrie if you can! Homeland star Claire Danes displays her fit figure in tight exercise gear as she sweats it out during a grueling run.

The improved caption on the right says:

Woman runs in appropriate exercise clothing.

I can't add anything to this, other than this public service announcement:

Guys, despite photos and captions like that above, reminder that woman do not exist upon the earth to only serve as your eye candy.

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