Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why Am I Not Surprised About Cat Treats?...and Ultrarunning

We currently have 3 cats, down from 5 as a brother-sister pair of 19 year olds went to the great kitty beyond within the past few months.

Anyway, the remaining 3 seem to have divided their preference for cat treats.  Of course, all 3 cannot possibly like the same treat at the same time, so we have to have more than one treat:

image credit Gary

One treat is hard and crunchy (Whisker Lickin's, on the left, with the awkward apostrophe that makes you think "typo" until you realize the word is missing a "g") and the other is soft (Pounce, on the right).

Just shaking the appropriate bottle brings the appropriate cat running.

Speaking of running--or more properly, Ultrarunning--there are some treats I especially love on the trail.  My all-time fav is peanut M+Ms, followed closely by chocolate covered coffee beans.  

These are for my pack.  When I run an organized event with aid stations, I tend to hit the cookies and pretzels early on, followed by "real food," meaning sandwiches and protein stuff later in a longer race.

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