Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Update on the Ironmaster's Trail Runs

Several weeks ago I posted here about running the Ironmaster's 25K at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in southcentral PA.

During the run a number of us went off course, so I never bothered checking the results.  Turns out, however, that ALL the 25K runners went off course--either by poor signage, or tampered-with signage, or runner error--with a net effect of a loss of perhaps 1K of distance.   

So....turns out that I did place second in my age group, and since we all screwed up, the 
results--though relative--do in fact count for something.

That something is my age group award, a Performance Race Visor by SweatVac (I have no financial interest).  It's a lightweight, washable, reflective visor and I will wear it proudly.  See, at my age you have to grab for all the accolades you can, when you can!

[image credit Gary]

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