Friday, June 27, 2014

Harpsichord Music...and Ultrarunning

The other day I heard The Doors' 60s tune People are Strange, in which I could have sworn I detected a harpsichord.  Turns out I was wrong...but the group's keyboardist Ray Manzerek did in fact use the harpsichord here, in Love me Two Times, courtesy of YouTube:

Which brought me to the point as to where--if one were so inclined--one would even purchase a harpsichord?

Turns out that there is a place called the Harpsichord Clearing House in Massachusetts:

The Harpsichord Clearing House specializes in the global sale, restoration and repair of new and used harpsichords, virginals, clavichords, positive organs and early pianos. In addition we offer consultation services for any of these instruments. Our harpsichords, virginals and clavichords are available in the full range of historical styles and prices. Our work with positive organs and early pianos has led to an expanding market for these instruments both in the Americas and Europe. We are US representatives for Henk Klop of the Netherlands, and offer our own instruments -- including the Bennett/Giuttari continuo organ-as well as instruments from European and American builders.

No need to thank me for this public service I just performed.

Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning?   Although I will never use a iPod or the like on the trails, that doesn't mean that music is unimportant to me when I'm out there.  I frequently have tunes blazing in my head, such as from The Doors.

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