Monday, August 11, 2014

A Perfect Summer Meal...and Ultrarunning

The tomatoes and zucchini came from my garden.  I brushed the lengthwise-quartered zucchini lightly with olive oil,  sprinkled with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, and grilled them.  The tomatoes were also grilled, after receiving a generous dollop of pesto sauce.

The sweet corn came from a farm stand just down the road and was grown within a couple miles of my place.  The avocados, the one non-local item, likely came from California.  I cooked the corn in water, while the avocado was grilled (again with a light brushing of olive oil).

[image credit Gary]

The connection to Ultrarunning is that sometimes I crave a vegetarian meal (while both the bride and I are happy carnivores) after a long effort.  Intuitively that seems backwards--I'd think that meaty protein would be the preferred menu choice.  But sometimes a big effort suppresses my appetite for some hours, and a lighter, veggie meal is more in keeping with my druthers at that time.

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