Monday, August 25, 2014

Missing Charlie...and Ultrarunning

I posed last week how my father-in-law died suddenly about a week ago.

Each instance of grief and loss is unique, and may run the gamut from constant, distraught weepiness to acceptance and even happiness in celebrating the life of the departed.

At the age I am, I've seen my share of deaths of grandparents, parents, the near death of a child and grandchild, and friends, but I can't say yet whether I'll be motivated to remember Charlie frequently here at Mister Tristan (the blog, not the 6 year old human being) or whether this post might be the last.  Just don't know.

But I will tell a short tale that epitomized Charlie and how he always had a kind word or a funny story to put people at their ease. As they say in Pennsylvania Dutch country, "He liked to devil people."

Charlie was giving his grandson advice once, how since he (Charlie) was such a handsome man in his younger years, he had the problem of dealing with persistent, pesty females.

Charlie's solution: "I had to shit in my pants to keep the girls away."

Guess I'll go take a run.

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