Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seen in a Cardiologist's Office

Something about this cover bothers me.

[image credit Gary...and Angina magazine]

This is one of those skinny medical periodicals that one finds in various doctors' offices.  So I suppose I should not be surprised to find the periodical Angina in a cardiologist's office.  After all, I see diabetes and thyroid disease mags in my endocrinologist's office (I am under long-term care for hyperthyroidism).

Naturally, the purpose of the cover is to remind folks that the heart condition Angina is no respecter of persons, and in fact can happen to practically anyone, including young, pretty women.

But my first impression of this medical magazine was that the woman's name is Angina, and I couldn't help wondering whether her loved ones call her Angie for short.

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