Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cats in Art: Les Deux Chats (Foujita)

From my continuing weekly Sunday series of cats in art. I'm using some ideas from the coffee table book, The Cat in Art, by Stefano Zuffi.  This is the seventh in a series of posts of the cat art of Leonard Foujita.

Image credit WikiArt, here.  Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita,  Les Deux Chats, date uncertain (1960s, perhaps), media and size unspecified, held in a private collection.

The title in English, not surprisingly, is The Two Cats.  These guys look like a real pair of troublemakers (don't be fooled for one minute by the placid sleepiness of the kitty on the right).  The one on the left is so ready to bolt or play or chase.

Again we see the realism with which Foujita creates these felines.  I am particularly struck with the detail and realistic rendering of the left cat's torso.  Capturing that mottled tortoise-like pattern of fur coloration is far from easy.  

It is quite obvious to me, from looking over his numerous cat paintings from various times of his life, that Foujita must have been a dedicated cat lover as well as an excellent painter of the kitty form.

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