Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kinda Like Swords Into Plowshares...and Ultrarunning

More of this, please: taking some 62 chunks of unused military real estate and making nature preserves out of them.  

From Germany (you should go read the whole article):

BERLIN (AFP) - Germany agreed Thursday to turn more than 60 former military bases into nature preserves, with the aim of creating vast new green oases and sanctuaries for rare species of birds.
Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said an ongoing overhaul of the German armed forces had made it possible to set aside more than 31,000 hectares (76,600 acres) of forests, marshes, meadows and moors.
She said the government had opted against selling the land, in some cases, prime pieces of real estate, to investors in favour of creating natural refuges.

What strikes me most is that the authorities stood up to development and investment pressures to do the right thing.  

I posted about this type of activity some 5 years ago, here.  

The link to Ultrarunning, of course, is the availability of backcountry places in which to go running.  As population pressures grow, exacerbated by climate change and wealth inequality, the "need" to tap wilderness and formerly set-aside land will grow and must be resisted.  Wild areas are necessary for the proper functioning of the human psyche.

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