Thursday, June 18, 2015

What Are They Afraid Of?

Just ran across this appalling story at Wonkette.  

And by "appalling" I mean the fact that a teacher resigned as a result of homophobic pressure...not that this teacher actually read a gay-themed book called King and King to his 3rd graders to make a point about bullying in his classroom.

Thanks to protests by easily-outraged parents, a teacher and an assistant principal at an elementary school in Efland, North Carolina, have resigned after the teacher read third-graders a perfectly innocuous book about a gay prince who finds love. The teacher, Omar Currie, read the story to his class after overhearing students taunting a boy in his class, calling him “gay” and saying he was acting like a girl. He’d borrowed the book from Assistant Principal Meg Goodhand, so she had to go, too — far too much gay propaganda thrown at innocent children who were simply exercising their constitutional right to bully a little homo.

The terrifying gay-indoctrination book, King & King, by Linda de Haan, is the story of a young prince whose parents insist he marry, but none of the princesses catch his eye until one shows up with her cute brother in tow. It’s love at first sight, and the two princes get married and live happily ever after.

The real-world happy ending is that this particular teacher has had a number of positive job interviews with other districts, so he will likely land on his feet (no word on the prospects for the assistant principal, however).

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