Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Rather Strong Opinion on Mr. Trump

I've blogged here numerous times about how I have the secret guilty pleasure of following  a blog called The Rude Pundit.

The author, Lee Papa,  is disgustingly rude and uses crude sexual analogies plus a mega dose of profanity to make his point...which generally I agree with.  So I can overlook what Papa calls "the rudeness."

So in all its profane glory, here's an excerpt from a recent post on The Donald:

Because, you see, the one thing Trump has going for him, more than any other candidate running for the Republican nomination, is that the voters are fucking retards who get most of their information from TV news and Trump is more famous than any other candidate. Put it this way: there are people who paid good money to learn business success from Trump at one of his bullshit seminars, totally ignoring that Trump has declared bankruptcy multiple times. You think anyone gives a happy monkey fuck if Trump is "qualified" to be president? Fuck no. He hosted a TV show. His name is everywhere. He says things that make everyone else angry. He's a blatant racist who claims to love Hispanic people. He's a vulgar monster with voracious sexual appetites who preaches morality in marriage. 

And many, many voters simply will overlook that because he's the most goddamned entertaining clown in the circus, the only candidate they know, and his pop culture status has given him the aura of earthy wisdom instead of nonsensical shit-tossing. He's like most of the other candidates rolled into one: a blithering, idiotic, climate change-denying loudmouth xenophobe who wants endless war, Christian "values" (whatever the fuck those are anymore), an economic and health care system that benefits the rich, and a big fuckin' fence with alligators or some such shit to keep out the Mexican rapists. He doesn't need to pander to the baser instincts of the primary voters. He is the living embodiment of the baser instincts of GOP primary voters. That's why he's wiping the floor with virtually every other candidate. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.  Now, go ahead and put The Rude Pundit on your regular reading list. You know you want to.

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