Friday, July 31, 2015

Trump Politics

Mostly I sit by and watch, amused, as the Republican presidential contenders try to out-do each other on the crazy.**

But every once in a while I read something about one of the candidates--in this case Trump--that makes me blow coffee out my nose:

“The Trump circus is largely comprised of hangers-on with a key skill set: kissing Donald Trump’s ass,” Wilson told the Guardian. “Oddly, the same skill set doesn’t extend into other domains like politics, common sense or judgment.”

** This is what my presidential platform would be (courtesy of Corrente's 12 Point Platform):

  1. A Living Wage
  2. Medicare for All
  3. Tax the Rich
  4. Job and Income Guarantee
  5. Debt Jubilee
  6. Retirement Security
  7. Free Public Education, pre-K-16
  8. Post Office Bank
  9. Enforce the Bill of Rights
  10. End the Wars
  11. Clean Air, Water, Soil, and Food
  12. Carbon Negative Economy

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