Friday, July 24, 2015

J. Geils Band Grammar Fail

Since my recent rant about no trespassing signs that read "Posted" (link here), I may as well dump on a rock band's butchering of the English language as well.

I'm talking about the J. Geils Band and their classic rock tune, Must of Got Lost.  My Sirius XM Radio was conveniently playing this the other day for my listening pleasure:

If the embedded video playeth not, here's the link.

Of course, the grammatical error is that it should read Must Have Got Lost.  Or if you really want to go full grammar police, Must Have Gotten Lost.

But then if I had the band's money I could burn mine, so what do I know.

Ed Note: I should point out that later iterations of the lyrics found on the web use the word Musta or Must've, which are perfectly OK, but the earlier versions of the title and lyrics use the word of.

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  1. Just had the same experience and took a photo of my Sirius screen, then googled and found your post. Funny and sad :-)