Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gay Marriage: Reactions to Reactions

This is the appropriate reaction (link here, original found at Avedon Carol's blog).  Gay couple Brett and Harry pretty much nail it:

Same Sex Couple Threaten Not To Give A Shit If Other Couple Divorces

In response to threats from a Canberra [Australia] couple to divorce were equal marriage laws to pass, a local couple in a committed same-sex relationship have in turn threatened to absolutely not give the slightest shit were that to happen.

Local couple Brett and Harry have said that while they are not heterophobic and do their best to be open to all different kinds of views if this divorce does go ahead they will have no choice but to go on with their lives completely unaffected by such a dumb stunt.

“You know, it’s kind of like equal marriage laws themselves,” said Harry. “It absolutely does not affect anyone except the people directly involved. This couple divorcing because we have equal rights makes about as much impact on the rest of our lives as if they decided to wear big novelty hats if same sex marriage passes. The only difference being big novelty hats are fun and this threat is just kinda pathetic.

“It’s truly surprising that they expect other people to give the slightest shit about their relationship when clearly they don’t. If you’re willing to throw away your ten year marriage because a bit of legislation you don’t like passed maybe the thing you’re really unhappy about is your terrible marriage.

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