Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Mind, It is Boggled

From Slate, an article about Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signing into law this week an LGBTQ piece of legislation:
It allows religious landlords to evict gay and trans renters; permits religious employers to fire workers for being LGBTQ; allows adoption agencies—private and state-run—to turn away same-sex couples; allows private businesses to refuse services to gay people; allows clerks and judges to refuse to marry same-sex couples; and forbids trans students from using public school bathrooms that align with their gender identity. 
I guess I wonder, what threat, exactly, do these conservative Christians feel themselves under from LGBTQ people?  Those who are hard-wired to love differently than the traditional man-woman relationship?
Why should I care who someone else loves or doesn't love?  Why should I care what goes on in the bedrooms of the houses down the street?  
It's NONE OF MY BUSINESS.  I only care whether you treat others the way you would like to be treated.  I guess you might put that into the Bible and call that the Golden Rule and expect Christians to follow it or something.  Oh, wait....

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