Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some Good Trail Time

On Saturday I took Mister Tristan (the 8 year old human being, not the blog) along on a Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) work trip on the Alice Trail.  This is a feeder trail to the Tuscarora Trail just west of Mercersburg, PA.

We had a situation where the trail is mostly on PA State Game Lands, but a short section crosses private land where owner relations are a little precarious.  So the decision was made between PATC and the State to relate a 3/4 mile section of the Alice Trail (PATC maintains the trail in partnership with the State).

This was my first hands-on experience with trail building.  Mostly it was just clearing the footpath with rakes and blazing, although one sidehill section required digging out the uphill side to build up the downhill side, thus creating a more or less level footpath.

My main contribution was making and installing this trail sign:

Then the next day I took a nice long run along the C+O Canal near Sharpsburg, MD, where I noted the Virginia Bluebells are in full bloom:

[image credits Gary]

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