Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recreating Massanutten Mojo

My only previous 100 mile trail attempt--and I am proud to say, finish--was in 1998 at the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run (Front Royal, VA). That year 100 people started, 67 finished, and I was 51st, so you can see that I am not a front-of-the-pack guy. But I’m determined and stubborn and used that to my advantage in completing that race.

Now here we are some 12 years later and I figured if I ever was going to run a trail 100 again, I’d better do it soon. Thus the background for entering this year’s Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run on 27 March. As they say, none of us are getting any younger.

In an attempt at self-inspiration, I have begun wearing my buckle from the 1998 race. Normally I don’t go for that sort of look in a belt, but the size and weight make me conscious of it and serves as a constant reminder of what I have on my plate.

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