Monday, February 22, 2010

Umstead Update--5 Weeks to Go

Training proceeds as planned.  This weekend just concluded I had planned a 10-miler, and executed a 12 miler.

This was a run that I just love to to--it's finite, it's economical, it's practical:  last Friday, one of my vehicles was in the shop for annual inspection.  They called to say it was ready, and since I'm a regular customer for years, and I could not get there before their 5 pm close, they just locked it up with the key and receipt inside, and I would just slip a check thru the key drop slot when I came by on Saturday (they are not open weekends).

So I got up for a 6:00 am departure for the 10 mile run to the garage.  The sun soon arose, gloriously.  Traffic was light, and the roads were dry, wide, and safe (with reference to our major snow blanket from previous mid-Atlantic storms).  I elected to throw in another small loop to add a couple miles since it was such a fine day for a run at daybreak.

The big test will come on in a week--the weekend of the 27th when I have a 30 miler on tap.  Then it's all a downhill taper until race day on 27 March.

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