Monday, February 8, 2010

Where I Run: The Aftermath of the Storm

Went for an 11 miler today in brilliant sunshine with a deep blue winter sky. This in stark contrast to the 24” of snow that dropped Friday-Saturday. Here are some of the shots I took and some comments.

Note the next-to-last photo for a relevant UltraRunning tip about gaiters.

First off, the view at the top of my driveway.


 Next, heading up the hill on the west side of US RT 11.

Heading towards the replacement bridge. 

 Construction equipment at the bridge.


I wonder if this should read "Potable Ice"?

The bridge....not sure when it's supposed to be opened....maybe June?

A little bit of snow and 3 feet of rushing water do not deter the 4-wheel crowd.

Gaiters and trail shoes with an aggressive tread (these are my Vasques) are perfect for snow running.

The one-lane underpass just before reaching home and Mister Tristan.

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