Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the Appalachian Trail

Early Sunday, my buddy Jody and I did a  rendezvous at the Appalachian Trail for a fairly short run (some 12 miles).  Previous post here about needing an Appalachian Trail fix; photo credit here.


We met at the Big Flat trail crossing east of Shippensburg, PA, and ran north towards Pine Grove Furnace State Park (south would have taken us towards Caledonia State Park).  The trail starts out at 2000' elevation--pretty high for PA--and drops some 700' or so to the low spot of 1300' about 6 miles out, where we turned around at Michaux Road.  This was right near the site of a German submariner POW camp from WWII.  We need to explore that area more when the leaves are off the trees.

The run was routine, mostly single track, rocky at spots but overall largely runnable.  When I run with Jody, I tend to exert myself more because he likes to run the mild uphills that I would otherwise walk.  In fact, in the last mile, mostly uphill, I told Jody to just take off and I'd see him at the cars.  I'd probably been holding him back most of the run.

But that's one of the great things about Ultrarunning--there's lots of room for different strokes for different folks.  I'm slower, Jody is faster, but we make it work when we run together.

No critters, but as always, Mother Nature comes through.  She delivered  me some small, but tasty, wild huckleberries.  Mmmmm!  Also some delicious cold spring water.  Again, mmmmm!

It'd been many moons since we had run there together, and all the good times and camaraderie came flooding back.  We need to schedule this regularly, say about once a a month.

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